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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Frequently Asked Question

Hello everyone! Today we will answer some frequently asked questions we receive.

How long will it take for my vehicle to be tinted?
- A typical tint job takes about one and a half hour to two hours, for all the windows excluding the windshield to get tinted, some films way take longer depending on the film construction.

Are all window films the same and carry the same warranty?
- Not all window films are created equal, some are dyed, made of nano-carbons, ceramics, or light re-direction films. Refer to a previous blog for more info on this.

Will the tint stick to the dot matrix?
- Tint does not always lay flat over the dot matrix, we do have a dot treatment where the dot matrix is shaved down making the tint lay flatter over them.

Do darker films do a better job of  heat rejection?
- Darker films do not always do a better job at rejecting heat. A dark object attracts more light and heat to it. Some of the best performing films as far as Infrared rejection and UVB rejection come in lighter shades of 50-70%. Heat rejection also depends on greatly of the make up of the film.

What is the legal limit in Pennsylvania?
- There is no exact legal limit in the state of Pennsylvania. In the State Law book Section 4524, Title 75 under E(1) it states: No person shall drive any motor vehicle with any sun screening devicer or other material which does not permit a person to see or view the insides of the vehicle through the windshield, side wing or side view windows of the vehicle.

As always give us a call at 610-544-8468 and we will answer any questions you may have about any services or films we offer.


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