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Friday, September 27, 2013

Get Your Windows Tinted While you are at work !

Here at Elite Glass Tinting we do what we can to make things as easy as possible ! If you work with in a 20 mile radius of our location we will be more than happy to come get your car while you work tint it then deliver it back to you ! Things don't get any easier than that !! Give us a call today to set up a date and time for pick up !!! We are pleased to serve Philadelphia PA , Delaware County PA and Chester County PA . We are located minutes off I95 and 476 . Give us a call 610-544-8468 !

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Window Tint Facts !

Did you Know ???? The first window film was invented by 3M in 1966 ! People did not start tinting their cars until the 1980's 1985 to be exact !!! Window Tint has come a very long way since being invented over 40 years ago ! We now have Window Tint Guaranteed to never turn purple ! We have films that can block up to 97% of Heat . All Window Film blocks 99% of the suns harmful UV rays . And the best part is you don't have to get a dark film for protection . Here at Elite we have a wide variety of shades and grades of film to fit any persons needs ! We are happy to serve Philadelphia PA , Delaware County PA, Chester County PA . We are minutes from I 95 and 476 ! Call us today or stop in 610-544-8468

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Gift Certificates !!!

Believe it or not friends we have ONLY 91 days until Christmas !!!!!! For those of us who like to get our shopping done before the crowd stop in today at Elite to get your window tinting gift certificate !!! And for those last minute shoppers we will be here for you as well !!! Window Tint is a great gift idea for any member of the family with a car of course !!!! Window Tint is the gift that keeps on giving !!! Giving the car a nice new look and keeping the car cool in the summer blocking glare in the winter , keeping the interior nice and un faded and best of all keeping the occupants safe from the suns harmful UV rays !!!! Stop in today and brag to your friends that you started your Christmas Shopping !!!!!!! We are happy to serve Philadelphia PA , Delaware County PA, Chester County PA. We are located Minutes Off I 95 and 476 !!!   610-544-8468

The Winter Sun glare is brutal ! We can help !

Not only does window film help in the summer but it can help block out the sun glare in the winter as well !  The winters blinding sun is a real annoyance when you are diving to work in the morning . Do you find yourself trying to use your hand to block it or sitting up real high in the seat so that the visor will actually work ? Well look no further Elite Glass Tinting can Help !!! We carry many different films for many different purposes. We can also add a sun strip to help block out some of that  sun glare coming in thorough your windshield ! Call or stop in today and one of our tint specialist will help find the shade of tint that's right for you !!! We are happy to serve Philadelphia PA , Delaware County PA and Chester County PA . Elite is located just minutes off of I 95 minutes from the Philadelphia airport and 476 . Give us a call 610-544-8468